Attributes of a competent nurse

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Attributes of a competent nurse

The framework comprises four key domains: We would encourage our readers to refer to this original source for the detailed description and to gain an understanding of the origins of the framework, which is founded on the concepts of caring and person-centredness.

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It is our intention in this chapter to relate the continued development of the framework to contemporary perspectives on caring, compassion, dignity and flourishing and to illustrate their relevance to changing models of health and social care.

Development of the framework: The framework is underpinned by empirical research, was developed as part of a large-scale research study, and continues to be tested and refined through an ongoing programme of applied research www. At this stage it is important to reaffirm the key constructs of the framework that have remained stable, but also highlight how the framework has evolved over time.

The process for developing the framework is described in this original paper, but the key message that has stood the test of time is the shared philosophical underpinnings that formed the sound basis for the development of the Person-centred Nursing Attributes of a competent nurse.

Human science principles that form the foundation of the Framework include human freedom, choice and responsibility; holism non-reducible persons interconnected with others and nature ; different forms of knowing empirics, aesthetics, ethics and intuition ; and the importance of time and space, and relationships Watson Reproduced with permission of Wiley.

Attributes of a competent nurse

The original framework essentially comprised four domains: Prerequisites, which focus on the attributes of the nurse and include: Care environment, which focuses on the context in which care is delivered and includes: Person-centred processes, which focus on delivering care to the patient through a range of activities and include: Expected outcomes, which are the results of effective person-centred nursing and include: The relationship between the constructs of the framework was represented pictorially, in that to reach the centre of the framework, the attributes of staff must first be considered, as a prerequisite to managing the care environment, in order to provide effective care through the care processes.

This ordering ultimately leads to the achievement of the outcomes — the central component of the framework. It is also acknowledged that there are relationships between the constructs. The period of time following the publication of the original framework was characterised by wide exposure to the framework, mainly within nursing but on an international stage.

This main focus was to generate much needed critical dialogue and debate about its applicability to practice. A significant driver at this early stage was the integration of the framework into Practice Development, which is described as an approach to improving practice that has the development of effective person-centred cultures as its core purpose McCormack et al.

The relationship between the framework and practice development is given full attention in Section 3 of this book. The key message at this time was the utility of the framework as a means of operationalising person-centredness in practice, recognising that at a level of principle the idea of person-centredness is well understood, but the issue is often recognising it in practice.

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The framework became increasingly recognised as a tool that shone a light on practice and brought a shared understanding and a common language to person-centredness in nursing. At this stage only a few changes were made to the original framework as a result of critical dialogue and feedback: More interestingly, however, it began to have influence across other areas such as strategy and policy within nursing, and in health care more broadly e.

Nursing education and leadership development were other areas that began to demonstrate the usefulness of the framework in different contexts. These developments are the focus of Section 4 of this book. The Person-centred Nursing Framework: Its place on the continuum of theory development was made explicit by McCormack and McCance drawing on the seminal work of Fawcettwho describes a hierarchy of nursing knowledge that has five components.

At the highest level of abstraction is the metaparadigm that represents a broad consensus for nursing, which provides general parameters for the field, and next to this are philosophies, which provide a statement of beliefs and values. Theories are the third component in the hierarchy; these are less abstract than conceptual models.Animal Emergency Centre Noosa, Sunshine Coast (posted 14th November) Casual ECC Nurse.

Casual Emergency and Critical Care Nurses Noosaville QLD. AEC Noosa is a purpose built, first class facility with the latest, up to date equipment.

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The Master of Science in Nursing in Nurse Anesthesia is a month, credit hour, full-time program that prepares registered nurses for entry into nurse anesthesia practice. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the national certification examination administered by the.

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4. How to Write Your Own. For your resume, your goal is to show the attributes that make you similar to an RN you admire. As a registered nurse, you are the true workhorse of the healthcare field. PRACTICE UIDELINE 4 Colleg urse ntari Practice Guideline: RN and RPN practice: The Client, the Nurse and the Environment the legislative framework for nursing practice.

Components of the legislative framework are a scope of practice statement and a list of controlled. Synopsis: Richard from the orphanage was caught playing in a private pool by these two rich girls.

He was made to choose between punishment by the orphanage or by them.

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