Brand awareness among young rural consumers

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Brand awareness among young rural consumers

The purpose of the paper is to study the brand awareness and consumer preference in rural areas of Bihar and to study the consumer preference in fast moving consumer goods category.

Over the years rural areas of Bihar has seen substantial improvement in purchasing power, increased brand consciousness and changed consumption pattern. Rural Bihar is emerging as a large market for a number of goods and services.

FMCG has emerged as a major product category in rural consumption. The rural market has been growing steadily over the years and is now bigger than the urban market for FMCG Fast moving consumer goods. The key to a successful business is a steady customer base. Consumer behavior in the rural market is mystifying because of lack of consistency in groups which are homogeneous in parameters of demographics such as age, occupation, education and income.

Brand awareness among young rural consumers

Therefore organizations need to understand crucial issues relating to rural consumer behavior. This paper highlights the rural consumers brand awareness and preference with respect to fast moving consumer goods.

The census of India defines rural as any habitation where the population density is less than per sq. There is paradigm shift towards higher value consumption among rural consumers like from tooth power towards tooth paste, from local brands towards popular national brands. Right now, one out of six rural customers has access to organized retailing or distribution.

So, rural retailing has tremendous potential for growth. Retail sector has emerged as highly dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. This sector covers all aspects of human life.

Fast moving consumer goods market has emerged as one of the most attractive rural markets. Now rural consumers need not to go to a nearby city to buy branded products and services.

The wide spread reach and telecast of the regional programs on television, availability of the dish TV, has made a customer in rural India quite literate about various products that are available in the market place.

Brand Recognition and Young Consumers by Margaret K. Hogg, Margaret Bruce, and Alexander J. Hill

The urban consumer is a shopper who has moved from essentials to luxuries. In rural market consumer buy and not shop. They buy when they have a need. Therefore marketers have to create a need for them. For instance an urban girl looks for style, bounce, shine, texture in a shampoo while a rural girl wants a cleanser with nice perfume affordable and available at a hand stretching distance, a use and throw sachet.

Some of the Vol. FMCG companies innovated on package sizes to introduce low price points. They have modified promotional strategies for rural markets using local language and talent. Around per cent of the overall sales of Emami come from villages, Other companies, such as Hindustan Unilever, Marico, Godrej, Pepsi, Coca-Cola among others too clock around per cent of their overall sales from the rural market.

Cable and satellite penetration has helped spread more information about products in the rural areas. This has boosted the aspiration level of rural consumers and has forced companies to launch products and market it through village melas fairsroad theatre, boat branding, mobile vans and wall paintings at minimal cost.

Rural areas of Bihar have become a target for marketers because of the huge potential it offers for all kinds of products and services. Various researches shows that there is a huge income shift taking place in rural Bihar and the aspiring middle class, with increasing purchasing power, is the focus of all marketing initiatives by several organizations dealing in FMCG.

This really becomes the first motivational factor for the FMCG companies to tap the rural markets. To capture the attractive rural market, companies need to formulate strategies, which can deal with issues pertaining to consumer behavior and suitable marketing mix.

The increase in the rural literacy levels and the exposure to media, have made rural consumer more conscious about their buying decisions like their urban counterparts.

Consumers in rural areas are also becoming conscious about their buying decisions like their urban counterparts with the increase in the rural literacy levels and the exposure to media.

They are upgrading from the use of tooth powders to tooth pastes, and from using traditional mosquito repellants to using mats and coils. An Indian farmer today wears the branded jeans, talks on a mobile phone, owns a car, motorbike, has got TV, music systems, DVD players in their houses.

A marketer must always keep this in mind that the requirements of the rural market are different. Organizations need to develop special products and strategies for the rural consumer. There has been a significant rise in the brand awareness among the rural consumer. As a result they have become selective and demanding in their buying preferences.

Therefore a marketer has to appropriately analyze the psychographics before entering the rural market. Hence if a company becomes complacent and takes the rural consumers for granted it is ultimately going to lose in the market.

The companies have to constantly innovate and make their products appealing to the consumers to succeed.Today, the young and the educated in the villages are already large in number and this number is increasing.

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