Concept of religious fundamentalism and violence

Islam is now providing a breeding-ground for extremism and fanaticism, in much the same way that Christendom spawned them in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and then called the Crusades. The modern Islamic fundamentalist cells are largely anarchic and fragmented, without any clear centralization or formal structure, which makes them extremely hard to deal with. They are generally opposed to the principles of democracy and are committed to violent struggle in order to secure a future world bound by the strict conditions of sharia law and religious totalitarianism. In the latter category are the Wahabi and Salafi movements.

Concept of religious fundamentalism and violence

Introduction My concern is to present how Hindu fundamentalism spoils the multi-religious atmosphere in India. The aim and strategies of Hindu fundamentalism does not give any room for religious harmony in India, the biggest democratic and secular nation.

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The tragic experiences of the Muslims and Christians in India witness the impact of Hindu fundamentalism in declining the religious harmony. Therefore, engaging the analytical method in this assignment, I analyse and prove the Hindu fundamentalism as a problem affecting the religious harmony in India.

An understanding of Hindu Fundamentalism The word fundamentalism is generally identified with certain groups and organizations, which use religion as a means to achieve their hidden agenda. It is worthy to note here that some of these fundamentalistic groups are militant by nature.

I would like to state a few of them. Hindu places of worship were demolished and Hindus were undermined as highly superstitious.

These factors made the Hindus defend their religion and culture. All these movements functioned with the sole aim of creating a Hindu Rastra only Hindus as citizens from the beginning.

Let us have a glance over the major organizations that are operating under the umbrella of the Sangh Parivar because these organizations are the causes and responsible hands in endangering the religious harmony in India.

It is militant by nature and so prepares its members to fight for Hindutva physically and mentally. RSS is mad with rage in eliminating the Muslims and Christians with its separatist world - view. It does not have an ideology of its own but purely a puppet in the hands of RSS. It is surely an agenda to do away with the Muslims and Christians in India.

Concept of religious fundamentalism and violence

After the recent victory of Narendra Modi in Gujarat, senior — most leader Mr. Advani has considered the victory as the victory of the Hindutva strategy and confirms to follow the same strategy in the next Parliament election. It wants to bring all the so- called Hindu sects and Hindus living abroad into one Hindu umbrella.

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A systematic agenda against religious harmony in India Hindu fundamentalism is basically a religious fundamentalism. It is in the name of God and in the name of religion the Hindu fundamentalism instills hatred in the minds of the Hindus against Muslims and Christians.

Hence, the multi — religious atmosphere guaranteed by the articles 25,26,27 and 28 of the Indian Constitution is at the verge of death. Hindutva has a systematic agenda to promote religious disharmony.

The following reasons are given for why they do not belong to the Hindu — Fold: Hindu blood does not flow in their veins, they do not appreciate and practice the Hindu customs, they follow different faith and customs, they do not accept Sanskrit as their language, they consider Mecca and Jerusalem as their holy cities.

Thus, according to the Hindu fundamentalism, human dignity is to be given only to the Hindus.Fundamentalism theory and violence Fundamentalism may be the most common form of religious activism today; however, unlike SMT, there is no clearly articulated fundamentalism theory and defining.

Oct 07,  · And our bland attempts to ignore this -- to speak of this violence as if it did not have religious roots -- is some kind of denial. But Islamic fundamentalism is based on a glorious. "Jihad" and "Mujahid" (one who carries out a jihad) are two religious words that have been given multiple meanings: Many accounts in the media define " jihad " as a synonym for " holy war," -- a vicious, violent clash between followers of different religions, each of whom believes that God is on their side and that the other side is of Satan.

Secular Fundamentalism, Religious Fundamentalism, and the Search for Truth in Contemporary America suggest how this concept, along with the concept of religious funda-mentalism, might shed light on the epistemic crisis that confounds doubtedly is related to the violence that he associates with.

Concept of religious fundamentalism and violence

Religious violence is a term that covers phenomena where religion is either the subject or the object of violent behavior. Religious violence is, specifically, violence that is motivated by or in reaction to religious precepts, texts, or doctrines. Hence, religious fundamentalism might constitute a coping strategy that on the one hand provides absolute protection against existential fear, but on the other hand is also constantly under threat, simply because of the existence of other religious beliefs and attitudes (e.g., Friedman & .

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