Electric car thesis

A hybrid vehicle is a fuel efficient vehicle having two motors- one a gasoline powered motor and the other electric motor.

Electric car thesis


About two decades ago, it appeared there was no effective alternative to the conventional fossil fuels such as gasoline and oil, but it turned out that there is a better, cleaner, and more effective substitute to them: Although electric engines are not so widespread, more and more people consider changing their gasoline-fueled vehicles to electric cars.

And this choice is more than reasonable. The maintenance cost of electric cars is lower than the one of those fueled by conventional gasoline.

Along with the fuel costs, conventional cars require regular technical inspections, transmission repairs, and so on EVgo. By all means, electric cars are a much cheaper alternative for those who want to save money.

Safety is another reason why electric cars are more preferable. There were several incidents when Tesla Model S electric cars flared up. This motivated Tesla Motors to research the situation with car fires in general, and it turned out that there are aboutcar fires per year only in the United States.

So, according to the statistics, electric cars are safer—at least in terms of flaring up. Electric cars are also known to be more efficient in terms of converting energy: This is important not just in terms of efficiency, but also environmental protection, because the more effective use of energy means less resources taken from nature; besides, electric cars emit no greenhouse gases.

Power plants that produce electricity may pollute the air, but only those working on fossil fuels; nuclear, hydro, solar, and wind power plants produce no pollution at all.

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So, the more people choose to drive electric cars, the less damage will be dealt to the environment fueleconomy. As it can be seen, electric cars are in many ways more preferable than conventional gasoline vehicles. The costs of fueling and maintaining an electric car are much lower compared to those of regular cars; electric cars are safer in terms of being prone to flaring up—according to the statistics, many more car fires occur with gasoline vehicles than with electric cars.

And finally, electric cars are more environmentally-friendly, meaning that not only people, but our whole planet benefits from them. Thus, it is advisable that as many people as possible choose to change their vehicles to electric cars.Electric cars are also known to be more efficient in terms of converting energy: on average, electric cars use about 60% of the power of the electrical energy to make the wheels spin, compared to 17%–21% of the energy stored in gasoline converted to power at the wheels.

Electric Cars Pros and Cons - An electric vehicle is an automobile that is propelled by one electric motor or more, using electrical energy stored . The batteries in a hybrid car are the energy storage device for the electric motor. Unlike the gasoline in the fuel tank, which can only power the gasoline engine, the electric motor on a hybrid car can put energy into the batteries as well as draw energy.

An electric vehicle charging station, also called EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), is an element in an infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of plug-in electric vehicle, including all-electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles.

The car broke the world record for fastest legal electric car at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds/Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, with a top speed of mph in March.

Electric car thesis

Published: Mon, 18 Jun The electric car has been a hot topic for the last few years. The development of the electric car is everyday news.

Electric car thesis

In every form of media there is a link to the effects of the electric car or its development.

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