Exploitation of domestic workers

The Philippine government encouraged this labour export to reduce the unemployment rate and enrich its treasury with the workers' remittances.

Exploitation of domestic workers

This briefing paper is for social workers. It brings together key messages from research on child sexual exploitation CSE with implications for practice and should be read in conjunction with guidance for professionals [Links to English guidance and Welsh guidance ].

Key messages Child sexual exploitation can happen to young people from all backgrounds. Whilst young women are the majority of victims, boys and young men are also exploited. Anxiety, shame and guilt are powerful barriers to young people seeking help.

Exploitation of domestic workers

If exploited young people are also involved in criminal activity they may be seen only as offenders rather than as victims of exploitation. There is no one way that CSE is perpetrated. Grooming is common in some forms of CSE, but it is not always present.

Exploitation of domestic workers

Online and offline exploitation can overlap. That children and young people may appear to co-operate cannot be taken as consent: These abuses of power are similar to those which are recognised in domestic violence. All the research evidence to date shows that girls and young women are the great majority of victims although boys and young men are also sexually exploited.

The average age at which concerns are first identified is at 12 to 15, years although recent studies show increasing rates of referrals for 8 to 11 year olds, particularly in relation to online exploitation. That said, some young people may be more vulnerable than others, and a range of indicators have been highlighted to which professionals should be alert.

It is not known whether these also apply to young people where exploitation begins or wholly occurs online, although some factors appear to be involved in both contexts. The majority of offenders are men, whilst a minority are women.

Sexual exploitation can also involve peers in complex ways, as facilitators, abusers or bystanders. Indicators are not evidence that sexual exploitation has taken place. All they tell you is that you need to use your professional curiosity and judgement to explore what is going on for each young person.

Information sharing between agencies is a first step; the next has to be sensitive but inquisitive conversations with young people. Social workers should assume that CSE is a national issue, happening in your local area, and take a proactive approach to identifying victims.

An invitation to tell Young people who have been sexually exploited may have experienced multiple abuses and breaches of trust, making it exceedingly difficult to speak about what is happening. The power afforded to statutory social workers can sometimes create a further layer of distrust, as young people may fear the consequences of disclosure for themselves, siblings and family members.

This may also be linked to preconceptions about social workers or negative past experiences of professional intervention.

In addition, they may fear reprisal by their abusers or be dependent on them for affection, protection or drugs.

Fear of being disbelieved or blamed, and feelings of anxiety and shame, can be powerful barriers to disclosure. Reassuring young people that they will be believed, and that exploitation is never their fault, are important messages to communicate: Encouraging young people to talk openly is critical.

Professional curiosity is vital: If exploited young people are also involved in criminal behaviour they may be seen only as offenders rather than victims of exploitation. Taking time to exercise professional curiosity and asking more searching questions can get underneath the immediate offence, possibly revealing that the young person is also being abused.We were too.

So we set up Fair Employment Agency because we knew we could do better. Most domestic helper agencies make money by forcing workers into debt, and giving bad customer service to . Bwise2 Sexual Exploitation. Price: £ This pack equips teachers, social workers and counsellors to educate young people about sexual exploitation with honesty and realism.

Exploitation of foreign domestic workers is rife in SA‚ say unionists 08 May - By Penwell Dlamini Domestic worker. Female migrant domestic workers face multiple forms of discrimination and arbitrary government policies: as domestic workers, they are excluded from equal labor law protections guaranteed to other workers; as women, regulations provide that they can be paid less than male domestic workers; and as migrants, their salaries are based on their national origin rather than their skills and experience.

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