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Founded by Ronald J. With a staff of outstanding, experienced professional writers, it offers a wide selection of talent for transforming your project or dream into reality. Your confidentiality when you use one of our ghostwriters is always assured. The use of ghostwriters is more widespread than you might imagine.

Ghostwriting agent

ghostwriting agent

Background[ edit ] Lawrence was founded in by anti-slavery settlers from Massachusetts, many of whom received financial support from the New England Emigrant Aid Company.

The town soon became the epicenter of violence in Kansas Territoryas many pro-slavery settlers in the area loathed the free state citizens of the town and vice versa. While the village had nearly been raided during the so-called Wakarusa War in Decemberit was not directly attacked at that time.

Joneswho was attempting to arrest free-state settlers in Lawrence, as the immediate cause of the violence. Donaldson proclaimed that the assassination attempt had interfered with the execution of warrants against the extralegal Free-State legislature, which ghostwriting agent set up in opposition to the ghostwriting agent pro-slavery territorial government.

This group planned to enter Lawrence, disarm the citizens, destroy the anti-slavery newspaper presses, and level the Free State Hotel. On May 21,while this group was camping a few miles west of Lawrence, David Rice Atchison gave a speech to these men, promising that they would be "well paid" for their service and that they were working for "the present administration".

They were there for "the entire South" and the goal was to spread slavery, and stop anti-slavery newspapers in Lawrence. Atchison promised that he would lead them into this battle, and made them all cheer as a promise to draw blood. He also mentioned that the flag he rode under was the red flag of the South—red for the color of blood they would spill.

Elsewhere Atchison had promised to see Kansas in Hell before he let it become a free state. The cannon was fired by pro-slavery forces during the Siege of Lawrence.

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On May 21,Jones and Donaldson neared the town. A large force was stationed on the high ground at Mount Oread, and a cannon was placed to cover and command the area.

The house of Charles L. Robinson later to become the first governor of Kansas was taken over as Jones's headquarters.

Every road to the town and on the opposite side of the river was guarded by Jones's men to prevent the free soilers from fleeing. Donaldson and Eldridge then journeyed to the hotel, where, according to the New York TimesEldridge had prepared "an elegant dinner, the best that the fresh and abundant stores in the cellar could afford" which included "costly wines" so as to placate the marshal and his men.

Shortly afterwards, the marshal dismissed his followers, who were immediately deputized by Jones. Pomeroy who, along with Charles Robinson, had led the second group of settlers to the Lawrence city site in agreed to meet with the sheriff and discuss with him the situation at hand.

Jones was clear in what he wanted: Pomeroy argued that there was not much he could do in this regard, as it was ultimately up to the individual citizens to give up their arms.


However, hoping to encourage Jones to leave the city peacefully, Pomeroy agreed to turn over the city's only artillery piece. According to the Lawrence minister Richard Cordley: As soon as Jones had possession of the cannon and other arms, he proceeded to carry out his purpose to destroy the Free-State Hotel.

When all was ready he [nb 1] turned [the posse's very own] cannon upon the hotel and fired. The first ball went completely over the roof, at which all the people cheered, much to the disgust of Jones. The next shot hit the walls but did little damage.

After bombarding away with little or no effect till it was becoming monotonous, they attempted to blow up the building with a keg of powder.

But this only made a big noise and a big smoke, and did not do much towards demolishing the house.While I’m no longer a literary agent, I still want your query letter submission for an upcoming project!

Aspiring writers are desperate for feedback on example query letters, and .

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Founded by Ronald J. Watkins, Watkins & Associates has become the Internet's premier ghostwriting agency. With a staff of outstanding, experienced professional writers, it offers a wide selection of talent for transforming your project or dream into reality. Ghostwriting and Literary Agents Many, if not most, literary agents, occasionally use ghostwriters when clients with great ideas cannot execute the composition of their own books.

Even if the client of a literary agent has been able to write his or her own book, the manuscript may need to be heavily revised or developmentally edited.

Aug 06,  · Your best bet is finding that key project, ghostwriting it, and then working with the author to find an agent who would be willing to take you both on.

At this point, since I’ve never sat on your side of the desk, I’m going to turn this over to my readers. The paper was finished earlier than assigned. Writers used very specific details from the given sources with a variety of vocabulary. They used different types of sentences and transition words that make the essay flow smoothly and more interesting.

A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. Literary agent Madeleine Morel states that the average ghostwriter's advance for work for major book publishers is "between $15, and $75,".

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