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Edelstein referenced a notorious scene from "Last Tango in Paris" For those who missed it, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star got booed during a set last According to TMZ, the reality star was slated to host the concert featuring Xscape including her Real Trevor Noah is not apologizing.

National business report npr fresh

This area, just 30 miles east of where the powerful storm's eye made landfall on Wednesday, was expected to — and did — receive the worst of the storm surge. Dubbed "Davos in the Desert" — in a nod to the yearly global economic forum and the kingdom's own lofty ambitions — the conference in the Saudi capital suggested a new era of openness and innovation under the young crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

These press releases are mainly a recitation of facts and figures: The total number of confirmed cases since the outbreak was declared August 1 — as of Friday. The death toll — 90 people. The number of individuals who've been given an experimental vaccine — 15, And a summary of the latest efforts by responders to reach affected communities.

It's a slice of the demographic pie that has tripled in size since SinceC-sections have more than tripled from about 6 percent of all births to 21 percent, three studies report in The Lancet. And there are no "signs of slowing down," the researchers write in a commentary about the studies.

Northern Spain has a "Fire Flocks" project, in which dozens and dozens of the ruminants chip in by doing what they do so well: A new video from BBC World Hackswhich highlights "brilliant solutions to the world's problems," tells the story.

It was published on October Duncan Hunter, who has represented an inland Southern California district for a decade, was indicted in August on charges of using a quarter of a million dollars in campaign funds for personal expenses. Though it's often impossible to tell if dietary supplements work, consumers generally feel certain they can't hurt.

The storm hacked a trail of catastrophic destruction in Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia before finally heading back out over water.

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Five deaths were reported in Virginia, in addition to four in Florida, one in Georgia and one in North Carolina. Brightly colored cardboard salmon, bicycle floats and hundreds of people dressed in costumes flowed down the street, carrying huge silkscreen banners and flags as big as sails printed with the words "Wild Salmon Forever.

national business report npr fresh

Before that, there had been an day stretch with no briefing. Pelosi, seeking to regain her gavel as House speaker after elections in November, told The San Francisco Chronicle editorial board that the move "is one of the first things we'd do — that's the easiest thing in the world.

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Get to the polls in November if you want more conservatives sitting on judicial benches. Change has come rapidly indeed. Women can now drive, the powers of the religious police have been scaled back, and Mohammed has sketched out plans to overhaul and diversify the oil-based economy.

Shepard's parents say they're "proud and relieved to have a final resting place for Matthew's ashes. Coloring books are spread out across a tarp on the lawn.

Children play tag in the driveway and wag their arms and hips in the popular "floss" dance, under the shade of palm trees. This is where they bring children who were separated from their families after the earthquake and tsunami hit central Indonesia last month — as well as kids who were reunited but need trauma counseling.

Now there's one very old organization trying to make it easier: The Archdiocese of Baltimore announced Wednesday that its parishioners will now be able to get an ID card that shows name, address and data of birth, accompanied by the parish logo.

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While the cards clearly state they aren't government-issued IDs, the city of Baltimore and its police department say they will recognize the cards as an official form of identification.

Authorities revealed they used DNA from a publicly available genealogy website to crack the case. ET It was surreal moment even for a White House accustomed to surreal moments. During a meeting with President Trump, Kanye West delivered animated and wide-ranging remarks on issues from the 13th Amendment to U.

That's the finding of a team of scientists who studied how color vision develops using hundreds of human retinas grown in the lab.

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The official death toll for the disasters stands at 2,WHYY is the leading public media organization in the Philadelphia Region, including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond. You can access us on Tonight on Nightly Business Report, intense selling pushed the Dow & S&P into negative territory for the year.

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