Organisational structure of tesco essay

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Organisational structure of tesco essay

The great success of Tesco provides many valuable lessons to scholars and practitioners. One area deserve serious attentions is about the successful strategic development of Tesco in the recent years, that enable the company to grow fast — achieving a track records of continuously growth in revenue and earnings despite financial crises period from year to around the world.

Indeed, any investor that had invested in Tesco will be rewarded significantly. The company has an unrivaled achievement of delivering consistent and unbreakable growth in dividend payment to investors for a total of 26th consecutive years Annual Report, The remarkable financial achievement of Tesco is shown in Figure 1 below.

In order to study the strategic development process in Tesco that gave rise to the superior financial performance of the company over the past few years, this report is presented as follow. Firstly, in Part I of this report, the recent past of Tesco will be investigated.

Specifically, the strategies deployed by Tesco management to expand successfully will be articulated. Then, in Part II, the current strategic issues affecting profitability, competitive position and future strategic directions of Tesco will also be investigated. Europe, United States and Asia.

Organisational structure of tesco essay

As shown in Figure 2, Tesco had already successfully penetrated many of the important countries around the world. Today, most of the revenue of Tesco comes from the retailing businesses around the world. However, Tesco has also been expanding by diversifying into different businesses for strategic purposes.

The four new strategic business units under Tesco include Tesco Bank, online internet web portal called tesco. Overall, a review of the enviable growth story of Tesco discovered that the company had been accurately characterized under Ansoff Growth Matrix.

Ansoff Growth Matrix is presented in Figure 3 below. In the following Paragraphs, the various strategies of Tesco will be classified under the four different types of strategies as proposed by Ansoff.

In the international context, with the exception of other large retailing multinational corporations such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour, the price offered by Tesco is simply hardly beatable. Tesco able to enhance it cost leadership position as it grow fast — achieving economies of scale through large and yet efficient distribution network and supply chain Rogers et.

Then, the success of Tesco is also attributed to the strategically located Tesco stores around the world. Furthermore, some of the leading Tesco stores are open for 24 hours a day.

Then, the physical layouts of Tesco are also designed to delivering pleasant shopping experiences to consumers. Besides, Tesco is also committed to Corporate Social Responsibilities.

In recent years, Tesco started to operate environment friendly supermarket — which is designed to be able to cut down carbon footprint significantly. As discussed by Rogers et. Overall, these successfully provide convenience to the customers, and further enhancing customer satisfaction Strategic Direction, The loyalty card program is designed to help the customers to save more through awarding points when consumers spent in Tesco storesand giving certain discount or promotional vouchers to the card holders Rosie Baker, Besides, Tesco has also able to build close relationship with the customers.

Consumer behaviors and tastes can be observed. As discussed by Ma et. With the data obtained, the company will be able to deliver more personalized services to customers, not to mention that able to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns from time to time.

Besides, another powerful strategy to ensure customer satisfaction is through ensuring employee satisfaction — which is essentially the concept of internal marketing Plimmer, In Tesco, employees are perceived as integral part of the business strategy. People are entrusted to formulate, drive and implement the various strategies — and they are governed under proper performance measurement and reward system.

The management believes that when the employees are treated well, they will instead treat customers well.Published: Mon, 5 Dec The business that I have chosen to study as part of this assignment is TESCO. TESCO is a public limited company, which is very successful and renowned in all over the world.

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Preface. Tesco is a fast growing multinational company in the recent years, despite stiff competitions within the retailing industry around the world. Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business and management.

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