Responses to assignment 1 1

Local CommunitiesAssignment 1: I was concerned that I had not managed to achieve this in my written work and not surprised that this was identified as a weakness. This is strong advice that I will try to incorporate in future work.

Responses to assignment 1 1

Example of assignment requiring the analysis of a social issue part 1 and responses to peers part 2 - Ethics Language English This assignment corresponds to some of the requirements of ethics courses taught at Champlain College Saint-Lambert. Throughout the semester you will engage in discussions through an on-line forum called NewsActivist.

Through the use of this site you will be able to present, reflect on and defend your positions on ethical issues and current events.

You will also be asked to respond and engage with the ideas of other student users of the site. These students will include your classmates, other Champlain students as well as students from colleges across Quebec, United States and around the world.

Be familiar with terminology pertinent to the discussion of ethical issues 2. Be able to recognize an ethical problem and its significant elements PART 1: Your article can come from a print newspaper or you can find one on-line through the Champlain College Library website look in Articles- Proquest databases or Points of View.

If you are uncertain if the article is from a reputable newspaper, please e-mail me the link for verification.

Responses to assignment 1 1

Your post should summarize the article and identify the ethical principles and values that represent both sides of the debate. The title of the article should identify the ethical issue being addressed.

You should conclude with your opinion on the issue. Your post should be approximately words.

Assignment 1 – Response and Reflection on feedback – A Drawing Life

You should end with a question about the issue. How to post on News Activist: Enter a title, cut and paste your summary and analysis and link or reference to the article you are summarizing 4.

It is important that everyone gets a chance to get feedback on their posts. A positive reason explaining why you are commenting on the post title, topic, writing style, etc. An explanation of your position. Your position may or may not differ from the one given.Surname 1 Assignment 1 Detecting Arguments Post your responses to the Discussion Area.

Your readings for this module covered argument structures, no statements, premises, and conclusions. For each of the sentences below, determine if it is an argument.


For those that are arguments, identify the premises and the conclusion%(34). Name: Social Studies Unit Three Responses to Liberalism Assignment Total 54 marks In this two-part assignment, review the main ideas from this section and then analyze one of two sources by answering some questions.

Part One 34 marks 1. Complete the chart below. Peer Response Assignment: DUE Sept. 8th, at military time!!! Students are expected to actively participate in the in the forum discussion.

A minimum of 2 substantive participation posts ( words) is required to earn full participation points. Guidelines for student forum discussion/participation: · -Select a fellow student’s response and .

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