Thesis banking sector

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Thesis banking sector

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masters thesis - banking topics - Research Database Import into RefWorks 1. Introduction Employee Engagement is conceptualized as the individual's investment of his complete self into a role [ 54 ].

April Marxists generally argue that the Great Depression was the result of the inherent instability of the capitalist model. Oil prices reached their all-time low in the early s as production began from the East Texas Oil Fieldthe largest field ever found in the lower 48 states.

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With the oil market oversupplied prices locally fell to below ten cents per barrel. Electrification and mass production techniques such as Fordism permanently lowered the demand for labor relative to economic output. Filene were among prominent businessmen who were concerned with overproduction and underconsumption.

Ford doubled wages of his workers in The over-production problem was also discussed in Congress, with Senator Reed Smoot proposing an import tariff, which became the Smoot—Hawley Tariff Act.

The Smoot—Hawley Tariff was enacted in June, The tariff was misguided because the U. These trends are in nowise the result of the present depression, nor are they the result of the World War. On the contrary, the present depression is a Thesis banking sector resulting from these long-term trends.

King Hubbert [56] In the book Mechanization in Industry, whose publication was sponsored by the National Bureau of Economic Research, Jerome noted that whether mechanization tends to increase output or displace labor depends on the elasticity of demand for the product.

It was further noted that agriculture was adversely affected by the reduced need for animal feed as horses and mules were displaced by inanimate sources of power following WW I. As a related point, Jerome also notes that the term " technological unemployment " was being used to describe the labor situation during the depression.

Wells, [22] The dramatic rise in productivity of major industries in the U. This decision was made to cut the production of goods because of the amount of products that were not being sold. Farmers were forced off the land, further adding to the excess labor supply.

Agricultural productivity resulting Thesis banking sector tractors, fertilizers and hybrid corn was only part of the problem; the other problem was the change over from horses and mules to internal combustion transportation.

The horse and mule population began declining after WW 1, freeing up enormous quantities of land previously used for animal feed. Most of the benefit of the increased productivity went into profits, which went into the stock market bubble rather than into consumer purchases.

Thus workers did not have enough income to absorb the large amount of capacity that had been added. It was argued that government should intervene by an increased taxation of the rich to help make income more equal. With the increased revenue the government could create public works to increase employment and 'kick start' the economy.

Thesis banking sector

In the USA the economic policies had been quite the opposite until The Revenue Act of and public works programmes introduced in Hoover's last year as president and taken up by Roosevelt, created some redistribution of purchasing power.

Americans looked towards insubstantial banking units for their own liquidity supply. As the economy began to fail, these banks were no longer able to support those who depended on their assets — they did not hold as much power as the larger banks. During the depression, "three waves of bank failures shook the economy.

The second wave of bank failures occurred "after the Federal Reserve System raised the rediscount rate to staunch an outflow of gold" [67] around the end of The last wave, which began in the middle ofwas the worst and most devastating, continuing "almost to the point of a total breakdown of the banking system in the winter of — Monetary policy, according to this view, was thereby put into a deflationary setting that would over the next decade slowly grind away at the health of many European economies.

This resulted in inflation because the supply of new money that was created was spent on war, not on investments in productivity to increase demand that would have neutralized inflation.

Thesis banking sector

The view is that the quantity of new money introduced largely determines the inflation rate, and therefore, the cure to inflation is to reduce the amount of new currency created for purposes that are destructive or wasteful, and do not lead to economic growth.

After the war, when America and the nations of Europe went back on the gold standard, most nations decided to return to the gold standard at the pre-war price.


When Britain, for example, passed the Gold Standard Act ofthereby returning Britain to the gold standard, the critical decision was made to set the new price of the Pound Sterling at parity with the pre-war price even though the pound was then trading on the foreign exchange market at a much lower price.

At the time, this action was criticized by John Maynard Keynes and others, who argued that in so doing, they were forcing a revaluation of wages without any tendency to equilibrium.

Keynes' criticism of Winston Churchill 's form of the return to the gold standard implicitly compared it to the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles. One of the reasons for setting the currencies at parity with the pre-war price was the prevailing opinion at that time that deflation was not a danger, while inflation, particularly the inflation in the Weimar Republic, was an unbearable danger.

Another reason was that those who had loaned in nominal amounts hoped to recover the same value in gold that they had lent. This arrangement was codified in the Dawes Plan.

In some cases, deflation can be hard on sectors of the economy such as agriculture, if they are deeply in debt at high interest rates and are unable to refinance, or that are dependent upon loans to finance capital goods when low interest rates are not available. Deflation erodes the price of commodities while increasing the real liability of debt.If you’re pursuing a degree in finance, accounting, business, economics, or a related subject area, the banking industry can be a very interesting source of ideas for a great dissertation.

Modern baning began in Renaissance Italy, and has since become an incredibly important force in the global economy. The Big Four is the colloquial name for the four main banks in several countries, where the banking industry is dominated by just four institutions and where the phrase has gained currency.

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