Vancouver sun business reporters

During the next five decades, the company grew and prospered, surviving the difficulties of World War I and the large drain on its finances through policy claims arising from the large number of deaths caused by the Great Flu Epidemic of

Vancouver sun business reporters

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I come to bury David Baines, not to praise him Baines himself had lent a hand. Baines also agreed to stand still for the anticipatory post mortems, going so far as to provide a list of people he thought most likely to say nasty things behind his back. This, he understood, was to be their moment.

Unfortunately, the celebrants refused to show. Even with their nemesis in easy range, hardly a maligned soul had the courage to fling any dirt back — at least, not if there was any chance that Baines would recognize their fingerprints. The pattern was the same, time and again.

vancouver sun business reporters

I would call, identify myself as a reporter for BCBusiness, say that I was doing a profile on David Baines and ask for comment. Baines, they would say, is a master manipulator of convenient fact, a vengeful slander artist. The most unsavoury of these characters would go on to recite scandalous and unsubstantiated rumours about Baines, most of which have already been debunked in a very colourful court case.

Whenever you bump into Baines at the Webster Awards or the B. Newspaper Awards or the Western Magazine Awards, he seems almost embarrassed to be, once again, on the list of nominees.

The great promoter Robert Friedland, chair of Ivanhoe Mines, penned one purple outburst in response to a Baines article in Canadian Business magazine that was so quotable, Friedland later repeated it in a letter of complaint to the Sun.

The surprise is that, on this occasion, Baines was the plaintiff. Of the 18 suits filed against him, only three have made it as far as examination-for-discovery — and none has made it to court. Half of that went to legal bills but there was enough left over that Baines began, for the first time in his life, to invest in the stock market — mostly blue-chip TSE and NASDAQ stocks in a portfolio that is permanently available for review by Sun management.

On this, at least, everyone agrees: Baines is one of a kind. His dad was a banker — ultimately a very successful one. Born in Vancouver, 55 years ago, David enjoyed an itinerant childhood as his father was transferred — usually every two years — from one bank to another, and from one coast to the other.

The young Baines may have learned how to stand alone, so stolidly, during formative years that included 12 different schools. On finishing his B. You could organize a swordfight at noon and endanger no one. Still, Baines was unsatisfied.

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Brooks was holding the phone to his ear, apparently taking direction from a chatty reader, and he covered the mouthpiece and said to Baines: He was accepted into two business schools.David Baines: The Most Hated Man in Business.

Richard Littlemore.

vancouver sun business reporters

using his position as the Vancouver Sun’s most prominent business writer to scourge old enemies and curry new ones.

on the list of nominees. Like the Sun’s religion and ethics reporter Doug Todd, Baines is likely to explain that a shelf full of trophies helps maintain. The Vancouver Sun is a daily newspaper first published in the Canadian province of British Columbia on 12 February The paper is currently published by the Pacific Newspaper Group, a division of Postmedia is published six days a week, Monday to Saturday.

Although its staff of reporters has shrunken considerably in recent years, the Sun still has the largest newsroom in Vancouver.

I have been a business reporter at The Vancouver Sun for more than 10 years covering a wide variety of industries and issues in B.C.'s economy. Local Business Passenger satisfaction rises at Vancouver airport: J.D. Power Entertainment reporter Dana Gee offers up 10 movies that she is dying to see.

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